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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Oct 4, 2021

Shifting in Real Estate or as Jen likes to say, "PIVOT!"


Noah Harris is a pro when it comes to shifting in this ever-changing real estate industry.  He and his wife, Christy, love to find those "unique" properties that others would shy away from.  In this episode, Noah shares a past project that came with THREE...

Sep 27, 2021

We have Christy Duckett back on the show!


This whole pandemic has really raised the demand for real estate.  At a time when inventory is low and prices are high, have you ever thought about changing lanes into the less competitive niche of mobile homes?  Christy is the leading expert in this industry and will touch on...

Sep 20, 2021

That's Jen's hubby!


Listen in as Vance and Jen discuss one of their past projects that saved a mother and daughter from losing their home to foreclosure.  There were several firsts during this project including allowing the buyers to stay an extra 30 days and the removal of some special leftover items, including a...

Sep 13, 2021

We have Dr. Linda back on the show!


The real estate industry is based on relationships.  You cannot establish good relationships without mastering the art of communication.  Listen in as Dr. Linda Jordon shares some awesome tips on how to master your message and become a person of influence.


Dr. Linda also discusses...