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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Jan 25, 2021

Jake Harris, Jen's favorite GC, has created a ridiculously smart app that streamlines the renovation process while connecting the lender, the investor, and the contractor to keep communication open while providing tools to make all your future projects run smoothly.  This is the app you never knew you needed!

More on Jake...

Jake Harris has been a GC for over 13 years.  After graduating from James Madison University he was recruited by Marriott for a career in Hospitality.  A few years into his training he realized his passion leaned toward the Project side of work, and not the Process side.  He enjoyed things that had a Start, a Middle, and an End.  This led him to secure his GC license in Florida, form his first GC company, and start performing renovations on the hotels he knew and understood.  It wasn’t long before he was working outside of Florida and reunited with Marriott to become one of their preferred Contractors for Renovation work. 

For 10 years his company completed over 100 hotels in 33 different states.  However as his 3 kids were growing, he wanted to stay closer to home and decided to pursue residential remodeling in Raleigh/Durham.  His love of process and procedure was quickly appreciated by the Investor community and he became a favorite among Flippers in the Durham market.  Always searching for a cheaper/faster/better way to accomplish the jobs, he teamed up with Juan Huerta and the two started imagining a better way to do projects.  The result of their brainstorm is The Flip Factory App and can be found at  Jake has been a General Contractor since 2008, licensed in multiple states, and will be hanging all of that up to pursue his passion of helping people with their new Flip Factory App.

Jake has 3 wonderful kids and he and his wife love living in Cary, NC.