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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Mar 8, 2021

Geoff’s real estate investment business, like many, suffered tremendously during the housing crash of 2008.  He found he had to change his mindset to rebuild his business.  Never giving up, this setback was a setup for a comeback.  Now he follows his passion by teaching other real estate investors how to change their mindset so their business will thrive, even during tough times.


After graduating from Ball State University with a BS in Business Management. Geoff Tyson began his 38-year business career. During the first 18 years of his career, Geoff worked for multi-billion-dollar businesses in Corporate America.  He held various management and operations roles at American Drug Stores (Osco and Sav-On Drugs) and Chubb Insurance.  


Geoff capitalized on the responsibilities and exposure to executive management, business operations, strategies, and market influence.  This became his trademark as he moved into the entrepreneurship world.  After leaving corporate America, Geoff built his own multi-million dollar “specialized” high energy insulation and general contracting business focusing on high-end custom home builders and small hotels.  When the housing market collapsed in 2008, he experienced a setback.  Never giving up, this setback was a setup for a comeback.    


In 2014 Geoff and his wife, Stacey, decided to create Transcending Properties, LLC which later evolved into Transcending Companies.  They focused on building a successful residential real estate investing business. As leaders, they wanted to give back to the community by creating learning and training opportunities for new real estate investors and small business owners.  Over the last seven years, they have had success by focusing on the Midwest, DMV, and now South-Central Texas markets.  Geoff is known for converting some of the most difficult rehabs into beautiful properties, training new investors, and helping seasoned investors diversify their businesses.