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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Mar 29, 2021

From growing up as a little Indian girl and getting bullied for being different to owning a construction company, learning to be a loan officer, becoming a kick-ass realtor, and coaching business owners...listen in as Pratiti Pathak shares her badassery!


Pratiti gives investors some great advice on how to make your business stand out from other investors and to "Not let people should on you."


Pratiti is a Realtor with Keller Williams

She is also a certified life & business coach,

Owner/Creator of Results by Design Coaching.


Her passion has always been connecting with people, building relationships and helping others grow.


Pratiti’s ability to connect with others instantly on such a deep and intimate level comes from sharing HOW she’s gone through life’s challenges.


As she was growing up in America on the outside and living in a strict culture on the inside, Pratiti, was always challenging herself to pivot and shift while trying to stay true to herself.


Pratiti’s Mission is to share:

It’s not about the negative experiences we go through in our lives – It’s What we Learn, How we Grow & Evolve into the Best Versions of Ourselves through those experiences!


How learning & growing only comes from becoming more aware of our thoughts, choosing them on purpose to create the emotions from which we take action to create the results that we want in our lives.


We all have a story – How we choose to tell it is up to us! It will be as Positive or Negative as we want.


Create your Results by Design, Not by Default!

Live your Ife with Intention!