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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

May 31, 2021

So...we're just gonna break it to you...

If anything could go wrong, it absolutely went wrong on this project.  Listen in as Rob McIntosh shares a past project that he politely calls a "learning experience."  

This project included a challenging building inspector, sagging structural beams, multiple general contractors, water leaks, a non-permitted space, and a septic system from hell.  Rob was told not once but TWICE, "sue me" for money that was rightly due to him.

Oh...and he was almost arrested!  You don't want to miss this episode!


Partner & CEO Rob McIntosh Sr:  Is a successful business owner and entrepreneur.  Prior to becoming involved in the real estate business, he worked in a family-owned vintage auto parts business for 20 years helping it grow into a multi-million dollar business with over 100 employees.
In 2010, Rob became involved in real estate and co-founded Arcane Properties LLC with his son Bob.  We have been involved in all aspects of real estate such as fix & flip properties, rentals units of all sizes, and commercial properties.
Arcane Properties specializes in many areas such as residential redevelopment of single-family homes, multi-unit properties (rentals) as well commercial properties.  They are not shy of taking on projects that are underutilized or in need of significant work to bring them to their highest and best use.
Rob is also a part-owner of a local real estate brokerage in the Western NY area. Their brokerage continues to grow as they are one of the few brokerages that are truly investor-friendly.
In addition to the above, Rob also does real estate coaching for some of the largest real estate coaching & educational companies here in the US. He has completed over 12,000 coaching calls over the last 10 years.