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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Aug 2, 2021


Listen in as Jeff Fallon shares one of his past projects in Chicago that was covered in mold.  The property was abandoned.  During the winter, the pipes froze and busted causing water to fill in several areas of the house.  It was only discovered when the water started pouring out the front door!


More on Jeff:

Real Estate Investor - Marketing, Buying, Rehabbing, Property Management, Lending, & Sales

Accomplished Speaker on Mindset, Real Estate, & Business Development topics.

Jeff often speaks on Building Belief & Overcoming Obstacles in Business + Life too.

He’s a high-energy mentor that always puts his client's goals first.

Over the last 9 years as a Professional Business Coach / Trainer & Investor...

Delivered numerous speeches worldwide to a variety of audiences, mostly to Investors & CEOs. 

Completed over 7,550 coaching calls throughout the US, Canada + 20 other countries.

“I love helping people advance their business &/or careers”. Training an individual, a couple, or business partners to build their business & make an additional income is Fantastic!!!!