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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Aug 23, 2021

"People don't read books about people who quit!"


This is my favorite quote from Marty Happle during this interview!  Listen in as he stresses the importance of working with closing attorneys that are investor-friendly.  If a closing attorney ever tells you, "That's illegal" just make sure you have them clarify what exact law is being broken.  For some, it's simply a scapegoat if they don't have a solution.

As Marty says, "You want to find attorneys that are willing to find out HOW the deal can work, NOT what's wrong with it."


More on Marty in his own words:

Marty Happle, born and raised in Northern New Jersey.    My real estate journey started with working in rehabbing major value add multi family properties and doing lockouts for my brother and his partners.  This actually turned me off to real estate, so it took me some time to see the value in it.  I actually purchased, rehabbed and managed a good amount of property by default working for a large ministry that was quite active in several areas of outreach.  I had to manage millions of dollars of properties for years, and I learned a lot doing that and even flipped residential and commercial property by accident without realizing it.  I began my calculated pursuit of real estate investing in 2011 with mortgage notes and then I started flipping houses in 2013.  I also had some rentals in the hood which is always fun.  Now I am only flipping houses and looking to finally expand into larger residential multi family real estate for the long haul.   My faith in Jesus and my family are most important to me.  I have an amazing wife, Susanna, and 3 of the best looking little boys anyone can set their eyes on.  
Face book and IG as Marty Happle