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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Oct 18, 2021

We have Amanda, the Traveling Realtor on the show!


Amanda is one of the biggest risk-takers Jen knows who approaches every opportunity with, "What's the worst I could lose?"  From joining eXp early on to tripling her passive income with a short-term rental business, this badass exudes success!  Her latest endeavor is a big one don't want to miss this episode!


Amanda Williams also known as "Amanda The Traveling Realtor" has been involved with real estate since 2008. She has been a private money lender for Fix-N-Flip Deals, Flipped homes herself, bought and sold homes on lease options, subject-to, and owner financed deals, and has been a licensed realtor in North Carolina since 2013 serving both buyers and sellers. She currently owns Carolina Furnished Rentals which is a short-term & mid-term Furnished rental company and helps other agents reach their goals in real estate brokerage and investments through teaching about passive income.


Amanda is a public speaker and hosts numerous events every month for investors, business owners, and realtors.


Her passion is traveling the world and teaching people how to generate multiple streams of income through real estate.