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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Nov 29, 2021

Listen in as Lisa Romano shares how she found an off-market property with NO money towards marketing and THEN had the seller finance the deal!  BOOM!


Lisa Romano is a real estate investor, realtor, coach, and mentor. Lisa is a native of Connecticut and a graduate of the University of Connecticut.  Prior to starting her real estate career, Lisa has had a very successful career where she developed and marketed financial services software for major international corporations, holding various executive management positions at global companies.

Lisa found her love for real estate when building her own home and further solidified it after buying and renovating a beach home.  Shortly after, she put her business skills to use and teamed up with her daughter to create a real estate redevelopment company dedicated to relieving people of their real estate problems while helping the communities they live in.  For the past several years, she has worn multiple real estate-related hats including Realtor and Investor, focusing on flipping properties and building rental real estate portfolios.  Lisa has 8 different rental properties in 3 states and continually looks to add more properties.

Lisa is part of a large network of brokers, investors, and managers.  Lisa has come full circle as she has received Mastery level education with the nation’s top real estate education company and now provides the similar coaching & mentorship for new investors.