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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Jan 24, 2022

Mr. West Virginia in the house!

Listen in as Jordan Crist shares a monster of a past project.  This property was located on a street called Dreamview but turned into a nightmare!  After he got this house for a STEAL, he quickly learned the foundational issues were going to ROB him of any profit.  

Jordan loves his community so he powered through and never gave up.  Now he dominates his hometown market and is grateful for the lessons he learned.


Jordan Crist is a native of South Charleston, WV. I went to West Virginia University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Systems in 2012. Some of my hobbies include traveling, cooking, gardening, hiking, and anything that involves exercise or the outdoors. In 2017, after working as an on-road supervisor for UPS for 4 years, I decided to quit my day job and start a residential redevelopment company with one of my friends from high school, Jacob Skinner. We started Building Appalachia together and haven't looked back. Our company renovates distressed real estate in the Kanawha Valley. We started primarily as a house flippers, but in 2018 started buying rental properties through owner finance and cheap cash purchases. To date Building Appalachia has flipped 20+ SF Homes, owns 27 rental properties, and has recently started wholesaling. Currently, we're working on a 7 building, 20 unit multifamily acquisition for $1.2M, 2 flips going, 4 houses in contract to wholesale. Our growth in 2021 was incredible. Jacob is a car salesman at Moses Autogroup so he does all the sales and acquisitions for the company while I focus on lead gen, property management, and construction management. We've hit our stride and really looking forward to 2022.