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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Apr 11, 2022

Listen in as Mike Agins shares one of his past projects where he had the lowest offer but still got the deal.  He talks about how important it is to develop your soft skills when working with sellers.  Mike also shares two things he brings to every property walkthrough which helps him win the deal practically every time!


Michael Agins has been a real estate professional for close to 20 years.  He began his career selling new construction working for a large national builder.  Eventually, Agins transitioned into sales operations, managing a large sales team and responsible for driving revenue for the local division.  Working with peer operational leaders, the division would identify strategic land acquisitions, often do an assemblage, and create a new home community ranging from 80-800 units.  He transitioned to a full time investor in 2019 and started Mike Buys Houses NC & MLH Properties, focused on wholesale, fix & flip, rentals, and anything with creative real estate strategies.

On a personal note, Agins is married to his wife Nichola for 10 years with 2 daughters, Madeline & Lydia.  "For me, if I get to do nothing on a Saturday and hang with my crew, I'm good!"

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