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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Apr 18, 2022

Single Mom Buying Up Multi-Family


Listen in as Kaci shares one of her past projects where she purchased a 38 unit out of state.  There were several hiccups along the way including Federal Pacific electrical panels and lenders backing out AFTER the project was purchased!  This one was a doozy but she made it through because she always has a backup plan!


Kaci Janson is the founder of A Boy and His Dog, Inc., a real estate
investment company based in northern Nevada. With her healthcare
background and 20+ years of Reno residency, she acquires and transforms
single-family and multi-family properties into high-performing investment
assets.  She currently invests in 7 different states.
IG: @kacijanson.    @aboyandhisdoginc
TikTok: @kacijanson

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