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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Jul 18, 2022

When going over budget has high returns!


Listen in as Callie Loewen shares one of her past projects.  People thought she was crazy for purchasing this property but Callie saw the potential by increasing the square footage.  She also saved money by keeping just enough of the original house to avoid timely and costly new build permits.  We also spend a little time discussing how to determine ARVs in this unknown market we are entering.

This episode is loaded with some great nuggets...check it out!


Callie Loewen is a speech-language pathologist turned real estate investor based in Nashville, TN. Along with her business partners, she is a serial entrepreneur and co-owner of Southern Legacy Companies, LLC, a full-service real estate investment company, Chattanooga Beard Company, The Marcato Group, and various holding companies for single and multifamily real estate. She’s been married to Josh, her husband and business partner, for 13 years. They enjoy traveling, spending time with family, and cheering on the Nashville Predators hockey team. 

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