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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Aug 1, 2022

Swiss Army Knife of Real Estate


From selling heat patches to real estate investing, listen in as Jacob Barnhill shares how he balances being an investor AND a real estate agent.  Jacob will also go into why you are leaving 90% of the money on the table by NOT having your real estate license!


Jacob Barnhill exudes professional knowledge, honor, integrity, and above all, a commitment to serve the agent community with exceptional efficiency and effectiveness. Jacob's sophisticated expertise, stemming from years of experience in investment and property acquisition, provide him with unique insight into local and national market trends, strategic transaction processes, and best practices. Twelve years of active duty in the United States Air Force also gives Jacob a strategically-honed mindset, which enables him to skillfully guide real estate professionals through the fundamentals of breaking through any barrier or problem area in their business. His heightened ability to see the big picture and find ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of any method ensures that when mentoring RE entrepreneurs their experience will be simple, clear, and successful. 

Jacob’s job is to help the agents be more productive, help more people, and close more transactions by focusing on mindset, clarity and accountability. He is a military veteran, father, husband, speaker, real estate investor, realtor, and sales manager for The Barnhill Team in Columbia, SC. Jacob sold 26 homes his first year in the business. He is the proud owner of The Barnhill Team at eXp Realty in Columbia SC and the Action Oriented Agent community. The team operates as an investor/agent hybrid and offers more options for licensed professionals as well as additional options for clients when buying and selling. Action Oriented Agent is the playbook for any RE professional to launch and build their careers. 

Jacob started his real estate career in the Tacoma/Seattle markets running a successful investment company as well as working for one of the largest investment acquisition firms as an Acquisitions Manager. Jacob also is a FortuneBuilder Mastery Graduate, Certified Home Advisors through the NAEA, Certified ISA instructor, Certified Express Offer Agent and 2 time eXp ICON Agent. Jacob comes from 12 years active duty in the U.S. Air Force, a prior Keller Williams Ignite Instructor helping newer agents launch their business and heads the team’s sales, marketing and business development with The Barnhill Team. Jacob has been a part of 100’s of successful transactions, completed successful rehab projects, and owns several long term and short term rental properties. Jacob also has continuously been mentored by several top coaching and consulting firms for over 7 years. 

Jacob’s passion is helping winners win bigger & faster. "There are those that have come before you"...Quit building your vision alone on an island. Contact Jacob today to start helping you grow your business.


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