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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Dec 5, 2022

Vet the Joint Venture

Oh boy...a two-for-one joint venture...what could possibly go wrong?

We have Samson Burch on the show who is sharing one of his past projects where a joint venture went south.  We also get into land sale contracts, popping the top, and how his self-directed IRA saved the project. Samson's best piece of advice on picking people to work with is to note "how they do one thing in life is how they do everything."

Samson Burch was born in Colorado, and raised in a small town in southeast Arkansas. After high school he moved to Little Rock, Arkansas where he started a career in construction working for a custom home builder at 19 years old. After several years, he moved on to working with a all in one remodeling company where he honed his skills in all areas of residential renovations. At age 24, he branched out to operate his own remodeling company specializing in whole home renovations. He married his wife, Ashley burch when he was 26. At 29 Samson joined a Fortune Builders and began his real estate investment journey. Since then he and Ashley have wholesaled properties, flipped more than 30 homes, acquired 28 rental doors, and are raising 3 children.


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