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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Jan 2, 2023

DCD = Dirt Controls Deals


Many of us are focused on vertical development by renovating or building from the ground up.  In this episode, Cody Bjugan shares how he makes his money from horizontal development.  He goes into detail on the five things he looks for when developing land which are 1. zoning 2. utilities 3. public access 4. topography and 5. environmental overlays.  If you are considering land development, you don't want to miss this episode!


Cody Bjugan is a seasoned real estate developer and the founder of Allied Development and VestRight.

Allied Development is a real estate development company that specializes in acquisition and entitlement of off-market raw land across the country that has development potential.

VestRight is an educational and coaching company dedicated to making an impact on lives by teaching real estate investors, real estate agents, and other entrepreneurs how to become land acquisitions specialists.

Through VestRight, Cody has trained hundreds of students on how he successfully finds off-market raw land with development potential and sells them for 6-7 figures profit per deal, without putting his own capital at risk...and how his students can learn to do the same.

Additionally, beyond his all-important task of being the best husband and father, his mission as a devoted follower of Jesus is to share and inspire, so that together, we are proud of our “1LEGACY”.


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