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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Jan 9, 2023

We have Grace Kuo and Michael Santos on this episode sharing their first flip they did OUT OF STATE!  This powerhouse duo are HomeSchooled by Tarek students that share the importance of investing in their education.  They go into detail on how they got the best rate from their lender and how they won over the sellers by helping them understand the math behind their offer.  It's hard to believe this was their first flip!


Michael Santos and Grace Kuo are a husband and wife team from Glendora, CA who founded MWGM Properties. They began their real estate investment journey in 2021 after joining Homeschooled by Tarek. Before joining the program, Michael is a nurse working in a mental health facility and Grace is a licensed marriage and family therapist and their only real estate experience up until then was buying and selling their 2 primary residences. Since starting MWGM Properties, they’ve flipped 2 properties in Oregon and have shifted their focus on short term and medium term rentals. Currently they have purchased three properties in South Bend, IN with the intention of turning them into AirBnBs. Michael’s personal interests outside of real estate consist of collecting sneakers and fitness. Grace’s personal interests are wine and coffee and shameless reality TV shows like 90 Day Fiance. Mochi and Wobbles are their dogs/business partners who handle marketing and human resources.


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