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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Jan 23, 2023

Stephanie is so good at solving problems, she can eat them for breakfast!


If you are anything like Jen and looking to quiet the chaos, this is the episode for you.  We have Jen's new BFF, Stephanie Betters on the show discussing the CRM you didn't know you needed. Stephanie is a former Cardiothoracic Surgery Nurse Practitioner who believes that her background in Medicine has been the key to her success in the business arena. Stephaine created Left Main REI which is a CRM to help you scale your business through a process that is repeatable and predictable. This Customer Relationship Management tool not only gathers and organizes your leads but ALSO streamlines the sales process all the way through closing. Left Main has tools to calculate offers and rehab numbers along with tracking your finances leading up to the purchase.


Jen and Stephanie also spend some time chatting about the dynamics of working with your spouse.


If you are looking for that tool to take you to the next level, you don't want to miss this episode!


Stephanie Betters is the co-founder of Better Path Homes, a single-family residential wholesaling and new build company in Charlotte, NC. She is also the founder of Left Main, a CRM for Real Estate Investors via a partnership with Salesforce and the founder of SocialMediaREI, a Facebook Marketing company specializing in finding motivated sellers. She recently retired as a Cardiothoracic Surgery Nurse Practitioner. She believes that her background in Medicine has been the key to her success in the business arena. Everything boils down to taking care of people and helping to solve their problems, and this is Stephanie’s favorite thing to do. She is a proud wife to Zachary Betters who is also a co-founder of Better Path Homes, and an even prouder mother to their three beautiful children. The Betters family enjoys being outside together, traveling, reading, running, and the company of close family & friends.
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