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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Jan 30, 2023

We are pulling back the curtain and introducing you to one of Jen's invaluable team members, her structural engineer, Sean Casady.


From cracks in the brick to sagging floorboards, Jen and Sean discuss what to look for when evaluating properties. Sean goes further into remedies for these common problems and how to not break the bank for these foundational fixes. These two have been working together for years and even bring up some past projects. If foundational issues scare you, this is the episode for you!


Sean is a graduate of NC State University (Civil Engineering) and Wake Technical Community college (Associates in Sciences). Sean is a registered North Carolina Professional Engineer. Sean has been married to his wife Kayla since 2018 and has a daughter, Alyssa, who is two years old. 

Sean worked in various construction fields (both residential and commercial) prior to his career in engineering and has experience in multiple trades, including wood and metal stud framing, electrical, masonry and foundations, siding and roofing, and steel fabrication. 

Sean's engineering experience includes over 1000 forensic structural inspections of homes and small buildings in addition to structural design of various residential and light commercial structures. A large part of Sean's forensic structural experience has included inspections and  repairs/renovations for historic buildings and homes (late 1800s to early-mid 1900s).

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