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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Feb 27, 2023

Messy Deals


We have the GOAT himself, Karl Spielvogel, on today's episode discussing some of his messiest deals. Where most investors shy away, Uncle Karl steps up and finds a way to close the deal. From judgments to multiple heirs to partition sales, Uncle Karl has a deal strategy to handle it.

And by the way, when these two get together, there are plenty of laughs so check it out!


Uncle Karl has been investing in real estate since the year 2000. He has built a great team with Alliance Finance, Inc. We specialize in niche real estate deals. We especially like to focus on the messy deals that few people are willing to do. Deals that involve multiple heirs, hard to locate people, judgments etc. We focus on tax delinquents, foreclosures, renovations, rentals, and land. We have learned to engineer many types of difficult situations 

We specialize in certain niches, including; excess proceeds, buying partial interest in properties, partition sales, bad title, land variances, subdividing and assemblages. We spend a lot of time tracking down owners and heirs to vacant properties. We also work with liens and judgments as well. 

Through experience and natural curiosity, we also do creative financing deals as well using zero percent financing, personal and corporate notes, substitution of collateral and subordination He runs a podcast Uncle Karl's Crazy Real Estate Stories and a pay for membership mastermind called Uncle Karl & Friends Mastermind Group with over 100 members at 


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