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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Mar 13, 2023

A Family of Four, Traveling the US Because of Real Estate Investing


On today's show, we have Suzanne Brubaker. Suzanne and her husband, Josh, are still fairly new to real estate investing and have both been able to quit their jobs, sell their home, and then travel the country with their two daughters in a motorhome! 


Suzanne shares how they got started flipping houses with very little out of pocket, why networks are so important, how to run a successful business with your spouse, and why being persistent is crucial to growing your business. If you need some inspiration to jump into the deep end of the real estate investing pool, this is a great episode!


Prior to getting into REI, Suzanne had a successful career in grants financial management for over 20 years, working at both Florida International University and NC State University.  In 2017, she quit her career to homeschool her 2 daughters and start a homestead.  In 2020 she started her REI journey along with her husband, Josh, who was a new construction builder for 25 years prior to REI.  Together, they run their REI business, with Suzanne handling all the financial aspects as well as self-managing all their rentals. They currently have 10 doors and have completed 3 flips and are looking double their portfolio in 2023.

In 2021, Josh and Suzanne took a leap of faith and sold their house, Josh quit his career in construction and the family is traveling the country in their motorhome.  At the moment, they are in sunny Florida, hiding from winter.


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