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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Mar 20, 2023

Living the American Dream!


Listen in as Dani Beit-Or shares how he took a chance on real estate 20 years ago. He bought a rental, sight unseen, in Arizona while he was living in Isreal. This initial investment, which he fondly calls his "little zoo", bought him four more houses within five years after a cash-out, refinance.


The conversation doesn't stop there! Dani shares how he survived the crash of 2008 and gives some amazing advice to new real estate investors that are just starting out. 


Drawing upon 18 years of investing experience in US real estate, Dani leverages his expertise to facilitate financial growth for investors at all levels, from novices to seasoned professionals. Since 2004, he has collaborated with hundreds of investors on nearly 5,000 transactions, enabling them to cultivate robust property portfolios across a variety of US metropolitan markets. Dani's extensive experience during the 2008 market downturn catalyzed the refinement of his investment strategies and deepened his comprehension of the real estate landscape, knowledge which he imparts to others through his speaking engagements and educational programs. By tailoring each approach to investors' experience, age, goals, knowledge, and financial resources, Dani empowers both beginners and seasoned investors to optimize their real estate investments.

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