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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Apr 3, 2023

How Real Estate Investing Can Change Your Life in One Year


Today's guest is very special to Jen for Devan Carroll was one of her students at HomeSchooled by Tarek. Still, in his early 20s, Devan shares how his life has dramatically changed in just a short time. Shortly after he graduated college and started his career, Devan realized he no longer wanted to trade his time for money as a recruiter. While he had very little experience, he discovered that finding a local mentor to partner with provided him with the knowledge he needed to accelerate at a much higher speed.

Devan goes further to share what makes a good wholesaler along with the importance of branding and raising money.

If you are feeling stuck and want to get involved in real estate investing, Devan's inspirational story is worth the listen!


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