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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Apr 24, 2023

Infinite Banking and the Holy Grail of Real Estate


We have badass, Chris Larsen on the show! Listen in as he describes his “infinite banking” concept to establish a family bank and supercharge investments with the “Investment Optimizer”. Chris also goes into detail about why he believes multifamily real estate is the “Holy Grail” of real estate investing. This show is full of nuggets...and a free book so check it out!

Christopher Larsen is the founder and Principal of Next-Level Income. Since
“retiring” after 18 years in the medical device industry he dedicates his
time to helping others become financially independent through education
and investment opportunities. Chris has been investing in and managing
real estate for over 20 years. While completing his degree in Biomechanical
Engineering and M.B.A. in Finance at Virginia Tech, he bought his first

single-family rental at age 21. Chris expanded into development, private-
lending, buying distressed debt as well as commercial office, and

ultimately syndicating commercial properties. He began syndicating
deals in 2016 and has been actively involved in over $1B of real estate
acquisitions. In addition to real estate, Chris owns multiple car wash
locations across the Southeast. Chris lives with his wife and two boys (and
Viszla, Lucy!) in Asheville, NC where he loves spending time with them in
the outdoors and enjoying the food and culture that the region has to offer.  Use Discount Code: Jen


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