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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

May 22, 2023

Chatting About ChatGPT


If you have been living under a rock, it's time to see how this new artificial intelligence tool called ChatGPT can help you in the real estate investing industry. Jen has Josh Hanson on the show to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence. This tool, as it changes daily, is taking many industries by storm so it's time...buckle up and hit is your day to see how it can benefit you!


About Josh, in his own words: I’m married to my amazing wife, Kendra, and we have two wonderful boys, Brady 14, and Jayce nearing 12. I enjoy sports, the outdoors, and recreation with family and friends. I am a man of faith and have a passion to serve others. Coaching sports and serving in his community and helping home buyers and sellers are some ways that I am able to fulfill my passion. I’m a licensed real estate agent in the state of Michigan and an active real estate investor. I have been a real estate coach since 2018. My team and I complete several transactions a year and continue to grow and learn each day. I continue to build quality and lasting relationships with all parties that I work with. What makes me different is that throughout my career, I have pursued many opportunities for continuous improvement and professional development to better serve my clients, investors and students. Learning alongside other real estate experts by participating in various forms of training, has equipped me with vast knowledge in the field. This has afforded me a unique ability to bring a creative and tactical edge in today's fast-pace market.


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