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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Jul 3, 2023

Jump and Do It!


This is a special episode for Jen because she interviewed two of her HomeSchooled by Tarek students, Caroline and Nicholas Stevens. Jen could tell from their very first coaching call that this team was going to do great things. In just a few short months, they flipped and sold their first project which is what they are discussing on this episode. From having to fire their first general contractor to discovering the importance of a detailed scope of work, this team learned so much from their first flip!


PCN Properties LLC – we are a family operated business specializing in buying, renovation, & selling houses throughout the Houston area.  We are a husband, wife and son team.  We started in November 2022. We have a total of 5 properties – we sold our first one in April, we are under contract to sell our 2nd property in June, rehabbing our 3rd property and under contract for our 4ht and 5th properties.  Our goal is to eventually branch out and invest in short term rentals and multi-family properties along with our fix and flips.


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