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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Jul 10, 2023

A Hard Money Lender That Actually Gives a Sh!t


We have one of Jen's all-time favorite lenders on the show, Tim Harvilla from Fund That Flip. This hard money lender is SO different from the others because they form local partnerships with all their clients. Because this company believes in nurturing that local connection, they work tirelessly to find solutions for every lending situation. Tim also dives into how to spot scammers, how LTV works, and using lenders to scale your business. Jen also gets Tim to spill the beans about an innovative app they are working on so investors can keep more money in their pockets!

If you are looking for a new hard money lender, this is the episode for you!


Tim Harvilla is a versatile professional with a diverse background and a passion for empowering others to achieve their full potential. His journey began with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business & Rural Economic Development from West Virginia University. Following his graduation, Tim's commitment to service led him to join the US Marine Corps Infantry, where he served deployments in both Iraq and Afghanistan. During his service, he displayed exceptional dedication and courage, earning multiple medals and meritoriously rising to the rank of Sergeant in less than three years.
After completing his military service, Tim embarked on a new path, working underground in the coal mines of southwest Pennsylvania for five years. During this time, he pursued higher education concurrently, earning a double Associate of Science degree in Mining and Electrical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. He also achieved an MBA from Waynesburg University, expanding his knowledge and skill set in business management.
Driven by a commitment to continuous improvement, Tim obtained professional certifications including Project Management, a black belt in Six Sigma, and an EMT certification. These certifications exemplify his dedication to excellence and his ability to apply efficient and effective strategies to various projects and endeavors.
Tim's journey then led him to a global manufacturing company, where he thrived as a project manager and consultant. Concurrently, he pursued his entrepreneurial aspirations, establishing his own company while continuing to broaden his education. He earned a Master of Science in Engineering in Construction Management from Drexel University and obtained a Real Estate license, further diversifying his expertise.
More recently, Tim has brought his wealth of knowledge and experience to PWC as a private equity business consultant, expanding his understanding of financial opportunities. This journey ultimately led him to Fund that Flip, where he explores both hard money and private money opportunities to further empower individuals and organizations.
In his spare time, when he's not busy caring for his two young sons, Tim has a profound passion for traveling the world and immersing himself in different cultures. He believes that these experiences broaden his perspective, enabling him to provide unique insights and innovative solutions to help create a better world.
With his rich life experiences and comprehensive educational background, Tim aspires to inspire and motivate others to make positive changes in their lives. He seeks to provide new perspectives and business opportunities, granting individuals the financial freedom they deserve. His true passion lies in working with individuals who possess untapped potential and guiding them towards their next steps.

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