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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Aug 7, 2023

Successful Subject To


We have Badass, Maria Acosta back on the show to discuss one of her Subject To deals. A successful Subject To deal has many moving parts and Maria breaks it down from start to finish! She goes into detail on what would make the perfect situation for a Subject To, how to protect yourself from a possible due on sale clause, and the use of a Land Trust. If you know someone that is facing foreclosure, Subject To may be the best solution for you AND the seller!


Maria Acosta is a full time Real Estate Investor in the DFW area and she fix and flips houses all
over north texas. In addition to flipping houses , she has built a rental portfolio of over 20 units
across the states of TX, OH and MI.

Maria was born in the Dominican Republic and came to the United States with her family when
she was just 4 years old. She lived in Cleveland, OH for 1 year before her family decided to
move to NY. Maria came from very humble beginnings and as a kid, her parents both worked at
McDonalds to put food on the table, her father would sell clothes out of the trunk of his car and
she and her younger brother would go and clean houses and doctor offices with their mom
during nights and weekends.

Growing up, Maria was always told that she needed to go to school, get good grades, so she
could get a good job. Maria graduated High School and she went to Bryant University in RI
where she studied Accounting and Finance and later got her masters degree in Financial
Planning from Bentley University in MA. After school, she got a job and was hired by a financial
services company in July of 2010 and she started taking inbound calls talking to Financial
advisors about mutual funds. After a few years of inbound calls, she transitioned to doing
outbound calls and had her own territory that she covered. She had made it! She had finished
school and got that good job that she was always told to get but she wanted more.

After watching numerous shows and seasons of various flipping shows on HGTV, Maria became
infatuated with Real Estate and wanted to learn how she could fix and flip houses. She had one
of her favorite show hosts that was going to be putting on a free seminar in the DFW area on
flipping houses so she attended the seminar. The free seminar turned into a second session and
then a 3 rd session where she ended up investing over $40,000 into her Real Estate education.
She completed the program in October of 2014 and after charging all of these fees on credit
cards, she pushed herself to get her first flip and bought her first house in February of 2015
where she went on to sell it and made over $15,000. Since 2015, she has completed over 40
Real Estate transactions including fix and flips, rentals and wholesales – all part time around her
full time job.

Maria went on to quit her full time job on November 24 th of 2021 and has been doing Real
Estate full time ever since. Maria and her team are dedicated to helping homeowners that are
in distress and helping to bring them solutions. They work with homeowners in various
situations such as those wanting to sell due to dealing with problem tenants, unwanted
inherited properties, properties where homeowners can no longer afford to pay the taxes, keep
up with the maintenance, those looking to downsize, those that are relocating and need to sell
quickly and one of the biggest areas they help homeowners facing foreclosure. They will assist

them in explaining the options their lenders don’t want to take the time to explain in how they
can save their homes from auction or if they are looking to sell before their auction date, they
are prepared to move quickly and help with that route as well. Maria loves talking Real Estate
and loves helping others.

Since Maria graduated college, she’s been donating every year to her High School’s Academy of
Finance program where funds are raised annually to give the graduating seniors scholarships
for college. In the program, students learn the basics of managing their money and more
advanced accounting and finance strategies. This is where Maria gained her love for numbers
and finance. She is eternally grateful for everything this program has taught her and she wishes
nothing more than for all students to learn the basics of managing their money so less people
would be put in difficult financial situations because they didn’t know how to manage their

In her spare time, Maria loves playing basketball and shes played rugby since 06’. She is a very
competitive person and always gives her heart to everything she does.
Maria’s parents are still living in New York and her 2 younger brothers both live in Orlando, FL.


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