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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Aug 21, 2023

The Contractor Whisperer


We have Jen's brother from another mother on today's episode, Phil Tudor. If you struggle with clear communication with your contractors and want to avoid possible disasters, this is the episode for you!

Phil is launching a new program called, "Virtual Project Management" that is a "done-by-us" team collaboration. If you are tech savvy and coachable, Phil is your man! What are you waiting for? Hit play!


Phil Tudor has a very extensive background and upbringing in the construction industry from the mentoring and guidance of his father who ran a construction company for 30+ years, and is now a building inspector. In 2015 Phil founded his own construction, landscaping and painting business which he still operates today. Phil started by doing property preservation work for Fannie Mae REO properties which included removing debris, general maintenance, small repairs, and
winterizing properties. After acquiring 60 properties and becoming the #1 contractor in Southern New Jersey for Fannie Mae, he leveraged that into providing renovating services for investors and
residential homeowners.

In 2017 Phil was determined to become a real estate investor himself and joined a top-rated real estate education company. During that time he founded Steadfast Homes and acquired and renovated 3 properties in his first year. That new real estate company went on to partner with Anchored Homes and help do 40+ flips, and 40+ rentals within 2 years.
Phil applied his personal construction knowledge, his Fortune Builders education, and leadership skills to oversee all construction projects within the Anchored Homes-Steadfast Homes partnership. He oversaw and managed up to 10 projects at a time! These projects’ renovation budgets ranged from 10k – 125k.

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