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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Sep 4, 2023

Zero to 100 Million in 4 Years


We have the better looking twin, Will Matheson on the show today! This young, 31 year old is killing it in the multi-family realm by starting small and short-term holds. He shares his top three reasons why starting small benefitted his company. Will also goes into five things NOT to do when buying multi-family properties. If breaking into the multi-family market is your jam, this is a great episode for you!

At the end of 2017, Will Matheson and his twin brother Evan were a few months away from
graduating Columbia University’s Masters in Real Estate Development program, and they were
faced with a choice; go the traditional corporate route or start their own company. Despite
having no track record, no ownership experience, and very little equity, they bet on themselves
and opted to start their own company, Matheson Capital. By January of 2018, they had already
completed their first acquisition, an $800k duplex in Los Angeles.

With limited resources, Matheson Capital focused on smaller value-add properties and short-
term holds. In the five years since their first purchase, they have completed another dozen

multifamily / student housing acquisitions valued at over $100 million. They have worked with
high net worth investors, family offices, private equity groups, and Wall Street firms, delivering
an average investor IRR of 40% on their six completed projects.
Despite changes in the market, Matheson Capital is continuing to push forward with the goal of
owning $1 billion of real estate by 2027.
Outside of real estate, Will is learning to fly a plane, and he also serves as a board member for
Lowcountry Veterans, a homeless veterans shelter located in Charleston, SC.


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