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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Sep 18, 2023

Researching Refis


We have Jen's friend, Michelle Moyer on the episode today discussing the ins and outs of refinancing a portfolio loan. Listen in as she shares how she found a 4-unit portfolio in Charleston that was cash-flowing on day one! Now she is refinancing to get some cash out and the appreciation will blow your mind! Other topics discussed include barndominiums and modular homes. This is a fun episode!

Born in the quaint town of Gibbsboro in South Jersey, Michelle Moyer’s early days were marked
by the charming company of horses, chickens, a dog and a cat. Over the years, Michelle has
lived up and down the East Coast, from Daytona Beach, to North Carolina, and then to Central
Florida, where she stayed until her late 20s.

Seeking broader horizons and diverse experiences, Michelle decided to move to Los Angeles.
There, she honed her culinary skills, earned a degree at Le Cordon Bleu, and ventured into
television, producing award-winning food shows. Michelle's personal life took a delightful turn in 2017 when she met her now-husband Eric. Their relationship seemed preordained, especially upon discovering Eric would be stationed in Jacksonville, FL, coincidentally where Michelle's father and sister's family lived.

She and her husband Eric started their real estate company, Hooked Property Solutions in 2019
in Jacksonville, FL. Professionally, Michelle has carved out a niche in the real estate sector by
building modular homes in Western NC selling some of them and turning others into short term
vacation rentals.

She continues building a portfolio alongside her husband Eric that boasts over 30 rehabs, 18
land purchases, 6 new builds, 7 long-term and 4 short-term rentals, in addition to building a
Barndominium. Michelle's keen eye for aesthetics shines through, as she passionately selects
distinctive design elements for their homes. As they're constructing another short-term rental, her in laws primary residence, 3 more modulars and 20-30 storage units, Michelle is also keen on expanding through multi-family acquisitions. Their next venture is Mods by Moyer, through which they’ll guide people through the process of constructing their own modular home for personal or investment purposes.

Michelle's love isn't just confined to properties – her home is a sanctuary for animals. Three
house cats, CJ, Loki, and the barn-born Chloe, find their place alongside two playful horses,
Denmark and Dexter, a mule Nelson, and the infamous 5 barn cats Mr. Fluffers, Lady Bug,
Mama, Ryley and Rigley. The future promises even more animal companions, with plans to
introduce another horse, a couple of donkeys, chickens, and an Australian Shepard to their


Linktree - Michelle And Eric Moyer


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