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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Nov 6, 2023

Real Estate is Relationship Based


We have Kyle Root on the show today! Kyle is a younger investor who is well beyond his years. He started in real estate in 2020 and quickly went from zero to 70 doors without using syndication or joint ventures. He discusses how he focuses on money making activities and that investors don't have an education problem, they have an application problem. Kyle also talks about house hacking, financing based on the performance of the property, and how a trip to the basement could have saved him $30k. If you are struggling and need some inspiration, this is the episode for you!


Kyle started buying real estate in 2020. He was able to go from 0-70 units in 2 years without using any type of syndication or joint ventures. At 26 he left his W2 job. Now, at 28, he continues to scale his real estate business and coach others to do the same with little money into it. His goal is to help others understand their full potential. This can be accomplished through many different ventures. For Kyle, it was real estate investing. While Kyle does enjoy talking about real estate most of all he enjoys talking about the importance of daily habits, discipline, overcoming obstacles, and building a life worth living!!

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