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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Jan 15, 2024

BYOB: Become Your Own Bank


We have Stephen Nagy on today's episode sharing some serious financial education that you can incorporate TODAY! From becoming your own bank to infinite banking to eliminating the “3 Wealth Killers”, you do not want to miss this episode! The give-a-ways ALONE are worth the listen!


Stephen Nagy left his career as a Personal Financial Advisor in 2007 to pursue his dream of being an entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor. Many years later, he has never looked back, becoming a lifelong student of business & investing, implementing strategies learned, gaining valuable personal experience, and following his passion of working with and sharing with others.

Stephen has spoken on hundreds of stages across the United States and worked with thousands of students, helping them realize and achieve their financial goals. Over those travels, and through attending several Masterminds each year, Stephen has built an extensive network of other like-minded individuals, creating a community that we call the “Campfire”.

Living in south Florida with his wife and son, Stephen not only talks the talk, but walks the walk every single day, growing his Real Estate & Consulting businesses and practicing financial strategies like self directing retirement dollars, the Infinite Banking Concept, Becoming The Bank, and eliminating the “3 Wealth Killers” from his life.

Stephen Nagy is dedicated to helping his students & clients learn financial education, how to take back control of their money, and helping them achieve their dreams by solving their money problem. Stephen now shares his experience, education, and strategies through weekly webinar trainings, Live events, and working with clients one on one.

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