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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Sep 27, 2021

We have Christy Duckett back on the show!


This whole pandemic has really raised the demand for real estate.  At a time when inventory is low and prices are high, have you ever thought about changing lanes into the less competitive niche of mobile homes?  Christy is the leading expert in this industry and will touch on how you can increase your wealth with mobile or manufactured homes!


More on Christy Duckett:

  • 10+ Years Investing in Real Estate
  • Award Winning Real Estate Coach
  • Located in Columbia, SC
  • Experienced Investing in SC, NC, FL and VA
  • Flipping, Wholesaling, Passive Income, Mobile Homes, Short Term Rentals
  • Psychology Degree from Radford University
  • Wife and Mother of 3 Boys
  • Master of balancing the chaotic life of family and business