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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

May 8, 2023

19-Year-Old Buying Investment Properties


From his first two investment properties at the age of 19 and driving his moped on a 90-second HGTV feature, it's safe to say Drew Breneman has come a long way! Listen in as Jen and Drew geek out over some multi-family investing nuggets, mainly why focusing on newer, better-quality properties is a much more innovative way to grow an investment business!


A natural-born entrepreneur, Drew started his first business at 14. He then launched a highly-successful internet business while in high school. His ambition for finding the best investment vehicle for his earnings from his internet business is what led him to real estate, purchasing his first two rental properties at 19 years old. His drive attracted the attention of HGTV, where Drew was featured as an up-and-coming real estate investor. He wanted to share what he had learned and aspired to provide direct real estate ownership opportunities to others.

Drew earned his BBA in Real Estate & Urban Land Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Wisconsin School of Business — one of the top real estate programs in the nation. Upon graduation, he worked for three national real estate development firms, each of which focused on different product types, affording him a broad knowledge base for the office, retail, market-rate multifamily, and affordable multifamily sectors.

In 2005, he founded Breneman Capital (formerly Rise Invest) and co-founded The Blackhawk Investment Group in 2008, and Dwelle, a Chicago focused real estate investment and property management group, in 2019.

Drew has honed an ability to foresee trends and identify favorable opportunities, resulting in asymmetric returns relative to risk.  This foresight is precisely why Breneman Capital has tailored its investment approach to be specific to multifamily. The multifamily sector may be the most competitive of the entire real estate asset class, necessitating advancements in information, technology, and as an organization as a whole.  As such, Drew has invested significantly in his team and the resources at their disposal in order to challenge the status quo of traditional real estate investment management.

His work ethic and love of learning comes from his parents, who were both public school teachers. They instilled the desire to challenge himself, overcome obstacles, and grow from the process.

Today, he watches his son William grow, laugh, and learn. Parenting has given him a new perspective for building wealth that can be passed down generationally. Creating a strong financial future is something he does well for his investors because he can see the value of building a strong foundation and future for his own family.


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