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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Nov 27, 2023

Upright Tools


We have the creator of Upright Tools, Dave Robertson, on today's show! This game-changing, all-in-one software has the tools you need to analyze deals, estimate construction costs, and project manage every team and expense to maximize your project profitability. Jen has been using this software for a few months and can no longer keep this a secret! If you are ready to throw out your spreadsheets and accelerate your business with this all-inclusive tool, hit won't regret it!


Dave Robertson started flipping houses part time as a side hustle with goals to quit his corporate gig and focus on real estate investing full time.  He created a spreadsheet to manage his flipping business, which he eventually started selling online at  The spreadsheet morphed into a web-based software platform called FlipperForce which was acquired by FundThatFlip  (now  


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