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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Dec 4, 2023

Spit, Grit, and a Whole Lot of Tears


Peter Eberhardt grew up in the far mountains of Northern California. He was always on a bike as a young kid, and at age 12 started racing BMX at his small hometown track. When Peter was 16, someone made a comment that no one from his home track would earn a national ranking and that spurred Peter to set out and put his hometown track on the map. By the time he was 19 (2015), he had achieved multiple district and state championships. However due to not having the national caliber tracks to train on and other resources, Peter struggled to make any headway on the national circuit. At 18,Peter spent every dollar to move himself down to San Diego so that he had the ability to train at the Olympic Training Center and not only on national caliber tracks, but Olympic level tracks. With the cost of living on the rise and not being able to efficiently train due to having to work so hard to make ends meet, Peter decided that he needed to buy a house to get his living costs under control. Peter drove uber for 6 months to buy his first condo at age 21. By the time Peter was 24, he finally earned a national ranking. Early on in 2020 at age 25, Peter had a lightbulb moment with his neighbors moving out, that he realized the power of real estate, and dove all in to learning about different ways of investing. About the same time, he finally accepted that he would never become who he was striving for in BMX racing, and hung up the bike for the time being to focus on other things. Late in 2021, with money saved from uber driving and taking out a HELOC on his condo, Peter purchased a central California 4plex which he then moved into for 8months to gut and renovate all 4 units mostly by himself. After that asset was fully repositioned and stabilized, Peter shifted his mind set around partnering, hired a few mentors and coaches, and is now fully invested in the multifamily space looking for his next deal.


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