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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Dec 11, 2023

Our success should be judged by what was given up to get it...

We have Jim Manning on today's show! Jim's first job out of school was working for a self made billionaire. He had the private jets, and every
material thing you could ever want.

Unfortunately, the billionaire was absolutely miserable.

And so 15 years ago Jim set out to find a way to become financially free
without sacrificing his personal life.

The passive income that real estate has provided has allowed Jim to:

1. Own 3 multi-million dollar real estate companies.
2. Work a balanced schedule.
3. Parent 4 kids under 9 and even coach multiple teams.
4. Invest in over $250 million in properties.

Along the way Jim discovered that he also had a knack for creating financial freedom for others.

He's now on a mission to show others how to generate passive income from
real estate without doing any of the work.

We aren't meant to be working bots slaving away all day...instead we can be free!


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