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Real Estate Investor Growth Network Podcast

Dec 18, 2023

We have REIGN Member and total badass, Sina Samii on the show discussing his very first flip! He talks about stepping out of his comfort zone and jumping into the deep end. From creative financing to dealing with contractors, Sina learned a lot and shares it all with you!


Sina is trained in the field of dairy cattle nutritional biochemistry and metabolomics. He
was a scientist and researcher for animal nutrition and feed industry before moving to
become an Agribusiness entrepreneur. He is a member of American Registry of
Professional Animal Scientist. Sina has extreme passion for sustainable agriculture
practice, science, entrepreneurship, and real estate investment. Less than two years
ago, he got the realtor license and joined the HomeSchooled by Tarek program to learn
real estate investment. Since then, he successfully flips property in DC. Today, he is
very interested to share his experience with REIGN member.


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